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Phil Hampton Life & Business Coach

Life and Business Coach

Phil Hampton

Most coaches concentrate on improving your life in small steps over time. I focus on life transformation.

Usually the fastest way to transform your situation is to first look at transforming yourself.

If that’s not what you want to hear, coaching with me isn’t for you.

I’ll help you discover what’s really holding you back, and become empowered to make a change.

No excuses. No victim mentality. Instead, breaking through your barriers and taking focused, positive action to achieve more than you ever have before.

If that sounds like what you’re looking for, read on.

How I Can Help You

I’m a qualified Personal Development coach with 10 years of experience running my own businesses, so offer both life and business coaching.

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Life Coaching

Standing at a crossroads or want to transform a number of areas in your life? We’ll look at all areas of your life to define your highest goals and a plan to achieve them, fast.

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Business Coaching

After running businesses for 10 years, I know the kinds of challenges that can be faced. I’ll help you develop the clarity, mindset and focus to get your business to the next level.

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Free Discovery Call

Not sure if coaching is right for you? Book a free discovery session today. We’ll concentrate on your most important challenge to get you started.