Having fallen into a job in Insurance as soon as I earned my college degree, then spending almost 20 years climbing the corporate ladder, I realised the importance of setting goals and living an intentional life.

I’d ended up in a job that sucked the soul out of me, and wanted to run my own business that would give me the flexibility and freedom I desperately desired.

After a couple of failed business attempts while still working my day job, I launched an animated video company in 2012 which  which soon became successful and enabled me to work full time from home. Because I don’t produce the videos personally, I can easily divide my time between managing the animation company and holding sessions with my coaching clients. 

My forthcoming book is called ‘The 5 to 9 Workday’. I wrote the book between 5am and 9am over the course of 6 weeks.

The book details how to build a home business that replicates or exceeds your salary so that you can securely quit your day job and work less than 4 hours a day.

I’ve been interested in personal development for almost 15 years, reading a book a week and spending tens of thousands of pounds on training courses and seminars in the business and life transformation arenas.

I’m a qualified Personal Development Coach and work with clients worldwide. I love helping my clients see the world in a different way and realise that many of their problems are easier to resolve than they thought.

Confidentiality is key and what we discuss in our coaching sessions is kept strictly private.

The 5-9 Workday Cover v6

Launching Soon

I live with my wife, Catherine, and son, Matthew, in Herne Bay, Kent, UK. 

We live just 10 minutes’ walk from the beach, where I often go to spend some peaceful thinking time.